About MyGenie

MyGenie was inspired by losing daily battles against technology to the point where we would surrender and give up. There’s always something we don’t know or know how to do, and if you’re technologically deficient like we were, then you know that sometimes you need and want someone to hold your hand to get you through it (and there’s no shame in that!).

Our Mission is provide you with dedicated support committed to making your life easier.

Core Values


MyGenie humbly serves and tends to your needs, whether it be health, security, or something else, with accountability, politeness, and responsiveness.


MyGenie provides clarity in complex situations through simplicity of technology by anticipating the easiest and most effective solutions.


MyGenie reinvigorates you with dignity, pride, confidence and hope for completing daily tasks that would otherwise be overwhelming. MyGenie inspires you to not surrender.


MyGenie is your supportive and trusted companion that cares for your well-being with empathy and genuine intentions. You and your needs matter to us.