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What does our Free 10-point phone settings setup include?

  • 1. Passwords

    • Save passwords is on (Keychain, Chrome, etc.) • Autofill passwords is on and go through security recommendations

  • 2. Cellular data

    • Enable cellular data for apps you use when not connected to Wi-Fi, disable data for apps that use a lot of data

  • 3. Notifications

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  • 4. Security and privacy

    • Confirm who you want to allow calls from • Activate/deactivate do not disturb while driving • Location services on/off • Tracking on/off

  • 5. Accessibility

    • Display and text size • Audio descriptions on/off • AssitiveTouch on/off • Facial recognition is set up • Sound recognition setup

  • 6. AirDrop setup

    • Adjust permission settings

  • 7. Display and brightness settings

    • Make your phone light or dark, bright or less bright

  • 8. Siri setup

    • Setup voice commands and show you how to use it

  • 9. Emergency SOS setup

    • Set up emergency contacts that will be notified if you call for emergency services

  • 10. Email setup

    • Add accounts • Create email signature • Organize